Thrash Masters Video Files

Alright. This is where you will see my buddies and I hucking ourselves and rippin it up. I haven't had a chance to pull too much stuff off the DV tapes so some of this stuff is old but heh, it's still cool. All the pics link to videos. Enjoy.

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A little clip of me hitting one of the speed lines in the Whistler bowl.

Ian with a perfect 10 off the cliff at Brohm Lake .

This is a clip of my buddy Lorne throwin it down in the Whistler skatepark.

Jamie Conway goin big on Blackcomb.

This is a clip of my homie Darrell lauching a nice drop on Whistler. The picture is him at the point of impact sinking into the deep POW POW.

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Copyright 2005 Kevin O'Brien

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