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A little info on the truck

OK so here is the page about my truck. It is a comanche.php. Awesome little truck. I did all the work on it myself. I got the truck for dirt cheap a few years ago and it has been great to me ever since. I have had other Jeeps since then but this one just stuck with me and it's kind of rare which makes it even cooler. Truck has a 6 inch plus lift and 33X12.5 tires. 4.10 geared axles out of an older one with a 2.5 litre motor. This one has the 4 litre and the AX 15 5 speed. I got the lift and the majority of the parts at Gary's Autowrecking in Maple Ridge. The front end is custom with parts out of a lift for a 90's Jeep Grand Cherokee and the lift in the back is a custom spring over job that I pulled off. The rear end in the Comanches is spring under in the stock configuration. The truck already had a small custom lift in it when I bought it and someone had rearranged the top rear shock mounts which helped when I did the next step up of the lift. Other than lift though it is still pretty much stock. I would recommend anyone getting into 4 wheeling to get one of these bad boys and lift it if you can find one because the thing is a little tank and just about unstoppable unless you plan on jumping your truck a lot or driving over huge boulders all day long in which case you need heavier running gear. For me on the weekends ripping around it's perfect other than the fact that the cab is so damn small.

The Pics

I took a few pictures while I was doing all the work and figure maybe someone will find them useful or interesting. The first pic is the truck now and then the pics go in order from when I started taking the truck apart until now.


So basically the first few pics are of the original truck as I was taking it apart. Then the rear axle with the welding done and painted and installed and shit. The one of the slip yoke way out of the transfer case shows just how much difference there was in the length of the driveshaft that I got made at Pacific Driveline (they did an awesome job for cheap). Then basically the truck with the wheels back on, then painted and then with the 33's on it. Since the lift I have put a load of kms on it with no problems other than a blown shock in the front which was from tromping on it so much. If you want to get into working on your own vehicle, get a Jeep. They are simple as hell and there are tons of parts around. I will have some videos for this section posted soon.


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